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Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Pacific,” Mazatlán is blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine and 80-degree temperatures year-round. Escape to a dynamic world of gorgeous beaches, first-class recreation and attractions, and colorful celebrations and festivals.

Mazatlán has the distinction of offering the best of both worlds: in the newer Zona Dorada (Golden Zone), you’ll find shops, bars and restaurants scattered along the idyllic beaches. In Old Mazatlán or the Centro Historico (Historic Center) you can wander through the markets and traditional neighborhoods or relax and people-watch and the many outdoor cafes and shady squares. You will find Plaza Machado and the Angela Peralta Theater and numerous art galleries.

Walk along the 10-kilometer Malecon (seawall) or enjoy the panoramic view from El Faro, the second-highest lighthouse in the world, towering over the harbor.