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It is time to give your house or property a complete change. Create new environments that you can enjoy with your family. Get to know these three decoration trends that are highlighting this 2020. You will love them!

  • Monochromatic
    Definitely, one of our favorite trends for this year and it can go with any decor style from minimalist to a farmhouse style. You can go all the way with this trend using bold colors or if you want to do something more soft with neutral colors, that is your choice but we recommend trying it at least in one space of your home or apartment.
  • Patterns
    This year, patterns are a must. The pattern mixing is becoming very common and there are no rules for these trends. You can mix-match and layer patterns in walls, furniture, bedding, carpets, and they will give your space a totally different vibe and flow.  There are many designs that you can use. We recommend you to look for patterns and colors that you like and can mix-match with the style of your home and the items that you already have.
  • Sustainable elements and materials for decoration and construction
    Sustainability continues increasing this year, people now are eco-friendlier and it is becoming a lifestyle. Last year we saw a lot the use of natural elements on decoration like rattan, bamboo, cork, acacia, and many other materials that can be used for art, fixtures, or lamps. But this year even construction materials are sustainable like the famous Timbercrete (sustainable masonry building product use to make bricks, pavers, and cladding), recycled wood, recycled plastic, organic cotton, and others that will mark the future of construction.

Try this in your space you will love the results. It is perfect for a house, condominium, studio, or even an office. It is on you to make it great!